It’s true – there is a vinyl record resurgence and it’s here to stay. Sales of vinyl in 2016 reached a 25-year high as consumers young and old have once again embraced physical formats of music. It would appear that the nostalgia (of the older generation) and the intrigue (of the younger generation) has got the better of them and we’re turning once again to the once-forgotten medium.

As it stands, there are only around 50 record pressing facilities in the world, all of which are becoming stretched to full capacity with this unprecedented growth in demand globally and a comparatively stagnant increase in supply to match. Holiday Records will be ready to provide much needed relief to the strain on supply in vinyl production both here and globally.



Holiday Records (both the pressing plant and retail store) will be located in Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand.



Holiday Records will be offering vinyl record pressing to any and everyone. Whether the artist is a small-town indie rock band from Timaru wishing to press 100 records for their friends and devoted fans, or Adele – Holiday Records is happy to assist.

Although Holiday Records are looking forward to pressing vinyl records for any artist, we hope to place emphasis and support the local music scene. We hope to further inspire the vinyl record resurgence in New Zealand.



We will be proud to provide a full service for clients (as required) - mastering, lacquer cutting, plating, pressing and a variety of packaging options. Initially we will be pressing 12” records (in both 140gm standard weight and 180gm heavyweight and different colour options available) with plans to expand into 7” and 10” sizes.



Holiday Records plans to be fully open and operational in late-2018.